November 7 - November 22

Open Enrollment is the annual time period when you are able to make changes to your health coverages. 

  • We learned that our employees value keeping their payroll contributions as low as possible. In order to achieve this in 2020, we’re switching our non-Kaiser medical carrier to Anthem.
  • FSA elections do not roll over, so if you would like to participate, you will need to elect for 2020.

Things to Know for 2020

What Do I Need to Do?

Log into ADP to review your current elections, make changes, and make an FSA election for 2020.

What If I Do Nothing?

If you are happy with your current coverage, you do not need to do anything during this open enrollment period. Note: if you are enrolled in a UHC medical plan, you will be enrolled in the same plan type, but with Anthem, for 2020. Your other current elections, except FSA, will be extended to 2020.

Knowing the Cost of Your Healthcare

Below is your per pay period contribution to participate in the various benefit plans. The cost of healthcare increased again this year, however PAVIR decided to absorb the 2020 increase and keep employee contributions as-is! The cost of healthcare increases exponentially year over year, and PAVIR sponsors the majority of the premium cost for employees and dependents.

Have Questions or Want More Info?

Please reach out to your Vita rep to have your questions answered. Contact James Mun or Chantal DeMattia at jamesm@vitamail.com and chantal@vitamail.com, or reach out to them via phone at (650) 968-8811.